Bench machines

We have bench machines from 16kVA - 150kVA.
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Bench machines 2102/2134

2102/2134 A wide range of bench machines in spot- and projection-welding versions is available. These machines can be used as manual machines or as a ready-to-use component in a mechanised application. Ready-to-use machines usually produce better welding results at a lower cost compared with units you put together yourself. The machines are delivered complete with a built-in, programmable weld timer and are ideal for positioning on lift tables.The 2102 is a linear-action, spot-welding machine. The built-in timer offers a great deal of potential, including storing two programs and current compensation. The 2134 is a linear-action, projection-welding machine and the timer can be programmed from the simplest welding cycle to the most complex. Other types of bench welding machine can be offered on request.

Weight, kg81325
Mains supply, V/Hz400/50400/50
Fuse, slow, A63160
Cooling, air/waterwater, 2,7 l/minwater, 8 l/min
Rating at 50% duty cycle, kVA2080
Max short circuit current, kA1944
Secondary voltage, V46,1-8,3
Electrode force, kN1,877,36