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MFDC ADVANTTAGES PROVIDED BY MEDIUM FREQUENCY WELDING Current is affected neither by dimensions of the secondary circuit nor by the ferrous material inside the secondary circuit itself nor by the variations of the mains voltage. The welding current is supplied continuously and constantly. The fusion area heats up in a more homogeneous way improving the quality obtained. Constant and accurate welding current. The adjustment in milliseconds allows the best welding time set-up. Welding time reduction that allows an increase in productivity. Reduction of the used welding current. The electrodes lifetime is longer and a less required maintenance allows a better productivity. This effect is particularly emphasized on aluminum and galvanized sheets spot welding. Improved weldability of unlike and highly conductive materials. Aesthetically improved results due to a minor deformation of the piece to be welded and to a reduced electrode indentation. Reduced possibility that material spatters during the welding process. High speed of welding currant rise. Allows to weld the materials more easily and to solve problems of difficult welding. Reduced electric consumption. Reduced current absorption, balanced on the tree phases. Reduced installation costs and improved power factor (cos). Therefore, the inverter technology involves a remarkable improvement of the welding quality, an extreme precision of the welding time and current, a higher productivity and a reduction in costs.

TECNA MFDC Broschyr (pdf)