Cooling units

WP 45 water cooling unit

WP45 The WP 45 is a high capacity cooling unit, ideal for arc welding and thermal cutting as well as for other processes which require high cooling capacity like for example heavy duty resistance welding. The unit is very strong and efficient thanks to its large heat exchanger, heavy pump and large volume of cooling water. The WP 45 has a tank volume of 6 l and a cooling capacity of 5 kW at 100% d.c. Mains voltage: 400 V/50 Hz, 3-phase.


WP20SC WP 20SC is a high-power cooling unit for arc welding thermal cutting and other processes that require high cooling capacity, such as high-power resistance welding. The unit is equipped with a thermostat controlled refrigerator, so it is possible to maintain a constant temperature on the cooling water between 2°- 40°C.