Minivertomatic NC

Minivertomatic NC The Mini Vertomatic NC is a light version of the Vertomatic NC. It allows the welding in vertical up position of plates between 8 - 20 mm thickness and 8 - 35 mm in MiniVertomatic weaving version. In standard version, the length of the beads can reach 20 m. It uses the Electrogas process with wires of 1.6 and 2.4 mm diameter with CO2 and mixed gases. As principal applications, the welding of ship hulls and the construction of storage tanks can be mentioned. The machine can also render great services into the shop everywhere it is possible to fix the plates with the weld in vertical position, for example the welding of longitudinal seams of ferrules.

Testwelding of Minivertomatic before delivery to ESAB Belgium.