Spot welding guns

We have machines from 2kVA - 140kVA.
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Spot welding guns 3321/3327

Spot weld welding gun 3321/3327 This series of air operated spot welding guns are intended for really strong production. A standard control unit model TE300 is built into the welding gun handle. It has two weld programs with preheating, impulse functions. As an option there is a more advanced weld guard model TE470 with constant current adjustments. The guns has an agile gyroscope ring and is suspended from a balancer. Different variants of the guns is offered as C-welding gun and extra powerful welding gun up to 60 kVA. Delivered complete with ground fault protection.

Weight, kg3986
Mains supply, V/Hz400/50400/50
Fuse, slow, A3563
Cooling, air/waterwater, 2,4 l/minwater, 3,6 l/min
Rating at 50% duty cycle, kVA1638
Max short circuit current, kA14,827
Secondary voltage, V2,85
Electrode force, kN0.95-2,861,56-6,95